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Happy Theme Thursday! Today we address the wonderful theme of a winter wedding. While white, golds and silvers may be the first to come to mind for a snow hued color scheme, there are many options outside the winter white flower box. The other side of the winter white luxe scale leads us to rich jewel tones and opulent textures. Deep purples, royal reds, emerald and sapphire will dress an unforgettable event. Think brocade dresses and fur stoles with plush table linens and lavish centerpieces. We love incorporating natural elements to complement rich tones like foxtails and feathers in personal bouquets and arrangements or crystals with jewel toned flowers. And don't stop there! A dance floor featuring a monogrammed spotlight adds grandeur along with votive candle centerpieces and decor.

It may sound over-the-top, but there is a way to implement such themes without going overboard or appearing tacky. Leave the streamlining to us! Here's a look at some of our fave luxe looks to inspire your inner-designer - Enjoy!

winter themes red candles Collage

  Helen Phan & Michael Pizzo   Anna Kuperberg Photography   Helen Phan & Michael Pizzo  


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