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Wedding Wednesday ~ Wedding Decor

Very Pinteresting


The inclusion of Pinterest in the design world has given planners, designers, brides, and grooms the opportunity to communicate in an innovative new way. Once you have met with a couple and conferred to understand the feeling and emotions they want to evoke with their wedding or event decor, it can be a challenge to translate your conceptual design ideas in a way that gives them a true vision. Historically, the designer would describe the idea in words and sketch what the overall look and individual elements would portray. However, Pinterest is a complete game changer where couples are able to share very specific visions that enable the designer to look at those designs and create a custom theme or design based on a visual concept. At Alicia K Designs, we love Pinterest and use it daily, some weeks it seems as if it's hourly!We decided that as we pursue and look for inspiration, we would love to share it with you! Thus, Wedding Wednesdays will now be dedicated to sharing some of the unique elements of event and wedding decor we have found on Pinterest.






A few things that have caught our eyes this week at Alicia K Designs:

1. Take your lounge to the next level. The re-creation of an entire living room setting complete with a fireplace, firewood, and a suspended chandelier is an incredible way to use a space. 2. The collection of frames and mirrors is a life size living collage and is a wonderfully charming and whimsical back drop for a ceremony.  What about using the display as a photo station?  This idea can be rustic or elegant depending on the floral you and your designer choose to incorporate. 3. The use of signs or elements hanging from the back of chairs or designed as a placemat has become a popular look, so I applaud the burlap placement with custom calligraphy. It's fun and inventive and gets the message across but it's a twist on what is seen so often. 4. Signage is a popular way to bring warmth and make a statement; however many wedding venues have restrictions on hanging or attaching decor to the walls creating a challenge when it comes to presentation.  The vintage step stool with L-O-V-E spelled out vertically gives the design height and dimension while the floral displayed gives it a soft and romantic touch.  5. As they say, we've saved the best for last...or at least my favorite! I can say is WOW. The floral garland created in complementing hues of blush, peach, and fuchsia takes an already stunning design over the top. Japhet orchids are a classy touch to an already sophisticated floral palette.

We love new and inspiring ideas and we love hearing--or seeing--your thoughts using beautiful visuals, so please visit our Pinterest page and share with us what inspires you!



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