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Wedding Tips ~ Kids Corner

Kids Just Want To Have Fun


When you return to the office on Monday morning and your co-workers ask you "so how was the wedding?" more often than not, one of the most memorable moments involved kids. Let's just admit it, kids add a certain element of pure joy and entertainment to any celebration. Maybe the ring bearer was so excited that he ran down the aisle or quite possibly the flower girl decided to get her groove on as she became the center of attention on the dance floor.

For most couples, inviting kids to the wedding is inevitable. Many of our clients stress over the query of  how to ensure that friends and family have a great time and that children feel welcomed, too, while still allowing mom and dad a sense of freedom to enjoy the celebration.

Here are a few wedding tips to create this balance with just a bit of pre-planning:

  • Find out the age ranges of the kids attending and make sure you have appropriate activities available for each age range.  If space allows, give the kids a room to themselves.  It's a great way to create a home base for them.  A place where they can go and hang out, yet know that mom and dad are just a few steps away.
  • Hire a baby sitter: Many parents would be apprehensive to just leave their kids in room with other kids with no supervision at all.  Your planner, venue, or hotel can often times give you a list of responsible and professional child care professionals ready willing and able to help out.

Mimi and Stuart were married on the roof top at the Metreon in downtown San Francisco.  The day was gorgeous. The food catered by the one and only McCalls was to die for and of course the decor and planning done by the fabulous Alicia K Designs team was flawless.  But the addition of a Kids Corner made this celebration unique and ensured that everyone--friends, family and kids--all enjoyed the party. The couple had us create a bright and colorful lounge that was perfectly kid sized. The area was filled with activities, comfy furniture and even pillows for nap time.  The catering company had a kid friendly menu and the kids had their own table decorated just for them.  The key is to make the environment engaging so if the kids are busy having fun, they are less likely to need mom and dad to watch over them, thus allowing mom and dad to partake in all of the adult festivities with out feeling guilty.

We'd like to thank the amazing cast of vendors that made Stuart and Mimi's celebration successful:

Cake: Katrina Rozelle/  Catering: McCalls Catering/  Florist: Alicia K Designs/  Design, Decor & Planning: Alicia K Designs/  Photography: Ben Chrisman/  Venue: City View- Metreon

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