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Wedding Planning ~ Tips and Trends

Why Do I Need a Planner ?

Why do I need a wedding planner?  Every couple struggles with this question and with Valentine's Day marking the most popular engagement date of the year, over six million Americans will soon have to ask themselves this question. Lucky for couples everywhere, wedding planners are no longer considered an extravagance reserved for the financially elite. The expertise and services offered by the modern wedding planner are an invaluable resource! The job description of the modern wedding planner encompasses everything from a financial manager and architect to internet guru and social media expert. Brides magazine recently published an article stating that over 75% of recently married couples who did not engage the services of a wedding planner in retrospect wishes they had.  The scope of services offered by today's planners has also evolved.  Wedding Planners offer everything from Full Service Planning and Design for the couple planning the extravagant, over-the-top celebration to workshops and one on one counseling, perfect for the couple planning a small intimate celebration who just need a bit of guidance to get them started making services both available and affordable for every couple.

There are a million different reasons why couples need a planner, and each couples reasons for hiring one is different. The typical Bay Area Wedding will cost between 35K to 50K dollars with many of them topping over 100K.  Your wedding is an investment both financially and emotionally and with so much money passing through the wedding checkbook why wouldn't you want the guidance of a professional to manage your investment?

For may couples, this realization hits them after countless hours have been spent scouring the internet for vendors and reading daily blogs with minimal results.  If you were building a house, your wedding planner would be your General Contractor.  We do not necessarily do everything ourselves, but we have the relationships and experience to put together the perfect team.  We create a Master Plan,  watch over your investment, manage your vendors and  ensure every detail has been thought about and every challenge finds resolution.  We are able to present to you options, not questions.

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