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"What is "Day Of Wedding Planning"

I hate being the barer of bad news....but there is no such thing as a "day of" Wedding Planner.  Most industry professionals refer to the "Day of Wedding Planner" as Wedding Directors or Wedding Managers.   Your wedding, in fact, is a like play with several cast and crew members. You are not only the playwright--you also nailed the starring role!  The "Day of" Director is someone you have hired to direct the cast and crew members and to oversee the logistics that you have perfectly planned, thus allowing you to assume your starring role as THE BRIDE.   Joyce Scardina Baker, who is one of California most respected wedding planners and educators, once stated in an article with BRIDE magazine,  "No planner of sound mind, experience, and education would walk in on the day of a wedding with no prior knowledge of the event or preparation and expect everything to flow flawlessly," and we must agree--Joyce is spot on!

So what exactly is a Day Of Wedding Planner?  The Wedding Manager is the middle ground between full service wedding planning and having to "go it alone".   The Day-of Coordinator is a rapidly growing phenomenon and has become one of the most popular services available to brides today. He or she is a life saver for the couple who thought they had everything under control, or for the couple who didn't have the budget to hire a full service wedding planner.

What exactly does a "Day of" Planner do?

Your Day of Coordinator should be one of the first people to arrive on site at your wedding.  They are the "project manager", and your eyes and ears for the day.  They will check in your vendors and make sure that each member of your team knows the game plan and does his or her part successfully.  They handle all of the nitty gritty details so you don't have to, they should identify and communicate challenges before they become a problem and will present you with a solution or work with you to find one.  From the arrival of the florist to packing up your personal belongings at the end of the night,  the Day of Coordinator should handle all the details.

Who should consider hiring a "Day of" Professional?

Every couple who wants their wedding to run smoothly and stress free should consider hiring a Day of Coordinator.  You've spent months planning The Big Day, so why would you put the final execution up for chance?

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