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Wedding Decor ~The Inspiration Board

The Inspiration Board ~ Bring it To Life

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We love creative wedding decor and being inspired by color. We love it even more when were ahead of the trend. I'll explain: This year PANTONE has deemed a color palette that infuses shades of aqua, heather pink, and earth tones as one of the color palettes to look out for in Spring 2015.  After reading this, I felt completely obliged let out my inner color muse, so I poked around Pinterest for a while and found some amazing inspiration.  Aqua, whether it is subtle or vivid just seems to accentuate the soft pale pink and surround it with LOVE.  I am encouraged to see the friendship between these hues does not stop with blush tones.  The more vibrant you go with these subtle tones, the bigger the contrast and the bigger impact this distinctive color palette has on your event design.  The pale pink and aqua combination is soft and romantic, makes you think seaside tranquility while the pairing of both a peach and coral will give your design a more youthful and fresh theme. The cake is my absolute favorite, the color combination jumps right off the page. If you look closely, there is a very subtle "ombre" effect.  I'm sure it tasted as marvelous as it looked.

As I scrolled my way over the pages of absolutely delightful photos, I realized why I was so drawn to these photos and this color palette. Take a look at the original Alicia K Designs wedding we featured in our post " Should I Hire A Professional Designer".  Look familiar?  Although it was unintentional at first, I realized this color combination and overall feel and theme of the mood board I had created was spot on to one of our Real Weddings from last year   So, I decided this was a great way to show an example of how your designer  brings your inspiration board to life.

Alicia K Designs

As designers, we often ask our clients to give us examples of colors and styles they like in the form of mood boards and color boards .  These fun homework assignments for you allow us to gain insight; what hues of a particular color palette are you drawn to? Are the photos fun and playful or more serious? Are the designs modern or rustic? After you give us a few ideas, we have our marching orders.  Your designer is not trying to replicate each element in the mood board, this is a fact couples often miss.  We are trying to evoke the same feeling, mood, color and style that we see represented and keep it with in your budget- that's the real trick!

As we move further into the design process, we will discuss each element.  We will show you examples from our own portfolios and from places like Pinterest and SMP and then we try and put your signature on that particular item and style.  That's why designers love tools and blogs like Style Me Pretty, Ruffled and Snippet and Ink--they help you visualize what we do and they help us visualize what you want!

As designers here at Alicia K Designs, we find that it is definitely helpful to use these inspirational websites as a way of getting a few ideas for our designs, and to be able to have a way to visually communicate certain design aspects that we are thinking of, even if we don't currently have these ideas in our repertoire. However, we find that it is always best to get inspired, and then turn ourselves off of these websites so that our own design ideas flow more seamlessly, creating a completely unique and individual design for each and every one of our clients.

The Modern Hepburn

Florist Favorite - Lilac