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Wedding Decor - Navy and Blush

Very Pinteresting


Have you thought about what The Perfect Color Palette might be for your wedding decor?   If you are finding the options overwhelming, you are not alone.  The weight of this decision, which guides the overall look and feel of your wedding has inspired websites like The Perfect Palette  and COLOURlovers.  In fact, the industry as a whole considers this one of the pivotal choices on your event to do list, so much so that every major blog and magazine has search engines and editorial publications completely dedicated to helping you find, compare, and choose not just the perfect color, but an entire palette so that you can be assured that every element and detail of your ceremony and decor will blend well together.

Choosing a color combination is not as easy as looking around the wedding venue and waiting for genius to hit you. Your colors and combinations set the stage and evoke emotions. Before you make your final choice, remember that each color has unique and definite characteristics. Most couples will choose a color combination based strictly on the aesthetic; however when you merge your favorite colors into one palette, we encourage you to ask yourself if the color combination describes you and if the colors evoke the emotions you want at your celebration.

Today's inspiration from Pinterest is dedicated to all couples that will fall in with a color palette built upon deep navy blue and blushing pale pink.  Thousands of earnest "Pinners" have found gorgeous examples of stunning combo. I love this color combination because on so many levels these very different colors have a complimentary, though not an opposing effect.  If we look into the meaning of these colors and the palettes you can build from them. At first you will see the obvious sense of modern, chic features associated with navy blue and a soft, dainty undertones associated with pale pink . Hues of Fuchsia and Light Pink have always portrayed a symbol of love,  affection and romance.  People who are drawn to shades of pink tend to be affectionate and peaceful with a playful spirit.  Navy Blue is the base for ultimate "preppy" color palette.  This dominant color exemplifies bold traits such as tradition and honor.  People with a strong spirit who prefer peaceful and tranquil environments tend to gravitate toward navy blue.

The design options available to a couple who choose to surround themselves in these rich and inviting colors are limitless.  A traditional an over-the-top wedding celebration that is 100% blush and soft always looks amazing, but when adding navy blue, the stark contrast of these colors means you are not tied to tradition and can easily add modern accents;  strong geometrical patterns and modern shapes will dazzle your wedding guests. And we cant miss the obvious,  Navy and Pink are a stunning combination for the couple looking to incorporate a maritime or nautical feel with out being too themey. So if you love color and are looking for the perfect color combinations for your event, it is time to hit the blogs and talk with your planner or designer to find out what your color combinations says about you.


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