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Wedding Decor ~ Lighting

 Let there be Light

Forget the days when simple up lighting was considered inventive. Today, wedding designers are giving more and more attention to lighting not only for its ability to transform a space, but for its ability to actually create the specific atmosphere or look you want.

The dramatic changes in the lighting industry and the current trend to have more one of a kind celebrations have turned lighting into an element that brings in personalization to an event rather than functionality to your wedding.  No matter what the budget, the cookie cutter wedding has disappeared, making room for a more refined and individually crafted designs, which is good news for wedding designers! Of all of the decor options, lighting is the one element that will really enhance the scene of your wedding. No matter if your event is indoor or outdoor, there are so many options to brighten up the space.

There are several different lighting styles that have recently emerged for you to consider as you investigate the different ways to change to look of your ceremony or reception room. Here are three of our favorite and most cost effective options:

  • Chandeliers: Though not a new form of lighting, the creative ways that brides and designers are using them for wedding decor is rather brilliant.  Suspended from trees, a single or group of chandeliers can create a look of enchantment and sophistication while a tented event will have a warm ethereal glow created from suspending chandeliers from the beams.

  • Outdoor Lighting: Enhance the natural outdoors and bring in a soft and subtle tone to the event with outdoor lighting.  Illuminating trees with up lighting and cafe string bulbs hanging in canopies over lawns is one of the most popular and budget conscience trends.
  • Gobos: Break-Up Patterns have replaced the custom monogram as one of the most desired lighting options.  The "Gobo" projection is designed to be used against walls or on dance floors and is a perfect way to hide imperfections on dance floors and walls.


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