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Wedding Decor ~ Doors

One Door Closes and Another Opens

There is an old saying, when one door closes, another one opens....The exchange of wedding vows traditionally signifies closing the door to your single life while opening a door to all the new experiences of your life together.  This timeless idea is becoming a popular theme amongst rustic and vintage brides.  In fact, creative planners, designers and DIY enthusiasts have taken on the challenge of creating captivating wedding design based on this simple theme.  Our friends at Pinterest have an endless selection of distinctive doors perfect for wedding decor and we've picked a few of our favorites to share with you.

1.) A traditional "church" wedding can be recreated in an open meadow when you adorn a pair of oversized, arched, heirloom wood doors with luxurious garlands seasonal white blooms  2.)   Head to your local hardware store, buy a pint (or maybe two) of chalkboard paint and dazzle your guests with a little DIY ingenuity.  If you want a more polished look, hire a calligrapher to inscribe the wooden canvas with your menu de jour, seating chart or a great welcome statement. Tip: Alicia K Designs' in-house calligrapher creates stunning pieces that are perfect for menus, escort cards, or ceremony programs! 3,4) Simplicity is a perfect recipe for your decor.  A single panel door is rejuvenated into a great design item by using it for a photo display or even as a back drop for your photo station. 5.) Create a grand entrance to your garden ceremony by using a set of doors to welcome your guests into the festivities.  6.) Update the look of a tented wedding ceremony by using white washed doors suspended from the canopy and embellish them with wreathes and soft pastel colors.

I love seeing beautiful things in unexpected places and I'm sure a set of vintage doors filled with gorgeous flowers, or suspended from an ancient oak tree will capture their attention and create a buzz for weeks to come.


Wedding Decor ~ Lighting

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