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Wedding Day Preparation Tips!

The days leading up to your wedding can bring a multitude of feelings, including a mixture of excitement and fear. From the floral arrangements to your wedding ceremony and reception timeline, you’re bound to worry about every detail. Every aspect of your wedding day is significant, and even the most minute features can affect the outcome of your special day. No need to fret—you can avoid a major wedding day meltdown by remaining calm, focused, and organized.

Even if you have a mental list of all the last minute items that must be completed before the exchange of vows, there still may be elements that have been accidentally overlooked or issues that pop up unexpectedly. While you may feel that your wedding planner has everything under control or that, after spending some time planning your own wedding, you've become an expert yourself; you should still be prepared for gaffs on your big day. Even the most seasoned bride and groom can forget certain wedding day necessities, so here are a few tips that will ensure your special day goes off without the wrong hitch.

Map Out Your Wedding Day

So you've gone through the rehearsal of your marriage ceremony and reception and are sure you have prepared for everything important, however, the best way to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly is to develop a detailed schedule from start to finish. Many wedding planners suggest that you create a list of tasks that need to be done and when each item should be completed. Remember to include essentials that are needed for the day: bridal bouquet, your veil from Simply Bridal, and your 77 Diamonds wedding rings. Don't forget to take an inventory of the accessories and party favors that will be used during your ceremony and after party. This list should be provided to everyone in your wedding party and those involved in its planning.

Hope for the Best, be Prepared for the Worst

Even the most organized, well-planned weddings can go wrong. Whether it be something minuscule such as a mix up with the food being served or a larger catastrophe such as a clothing malfunction, things don't always go according to plan, therefore you must expect the unexpected and take any unanticipated mishaps in stride. One way to guard against wedding day blunders is by preparing a wedding-day emergency kit stocked with supplies such as hair accessories, safety pins, a small sewing kit, and stain remover, so you’ll have everything you need to fix minor calamities.

Relax the Day Before

Preparing for your wedding can be stressful and time consuming, so it’s vital that you maintain your composure during the days leading up to your nuptials and on your wedding day. Keep in mind that your wedding is a celebration, thus you should be bursting with joy, not overwhelmed and flustered. Spend the day before you walk down the aisle resting and indulging in activities you enjoyed before the pre-wedding frenzy. Let your maid of honor or another member of your bridal party take the reins and deal with any remaining duties while you pamper yourself.

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