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Vendor Spotlight - Chrisman Studio - Wedding Photography

Photography By: Chrisman Studio

Capturing that magic moment!

Every bride would kill for one of those jaw dropping, tear shedding, OMG sort of wedding photographs. So many couples will ask us how to receive photographs that embody so many lofty requests. Well, for starters, the right choice of photographer is a key element. I cant think of recommending anyone more qualified to create a brilliant photograph than Chrisman Studios.

Chrisman studios is a compilation of five photographers that specialize in Creative Documentary Wedding Photography.  Their tag line is, "We are dedicated to taking photography that will blow your mind". As you can see from the amazing image captured above, they exceed expectations and continually take visually stunning photographs that have some serious WOW-factor.

Ben and Erin Chrisman are the amazing duo at the heart of this creative team and their story is as heartwarming as those of the couples whose weddings they capture.  Ben began his career at the ripe age of fourteen, borrowing mom's camera and taking candids of friends and family.  He then went on to study photography and worked as a photojournalist and--luckily for many happy couples--at the age of 27, he was asked to shoot his first wedding in Santa Fe.  The rest is history. Ben began to globe-trot as a wedding photographer, capturing remarkable photographs all over the world. On location in Mexico, Ben happened to meet a charming fellow photographer who captured his well trained eye...enter Erin. Erin Chrisman made the transition from journalist to photographer early on in her career.  She thrives on the connection that develops between photographer and subject, the simple satisfaction of beautiful light and the even more complex sensation of seeing raw emotion unfold before her eyes. A true passion for her art--what an amazing quality in a wedding photographer?

Ben, Erin and the entire team are incredibly talented and Alicia K Designs is fabulously privileged to have had them document some of celebrations that we help create.  Check out the entire photo gallery!

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