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A Structured Soiree

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A Structured Soiree

As wedding designers, we are in the business of transforming spaces from the ground up.  Especially in California, we are spoiled with amazing weather and we are lucky enough to enjoy almost all of our events during the season outdoors.

On occasion, we are working with large open spaces for our venues.  One of the easiest ways to centralize a location and create an intimate dining experience is to create a structured space over dining.  A structure can allow us to transform a space to protect your guests from the hot sun during dining, yet still enjoy the warmth and scenery of the outdoors!

Structures don't have to be limited to just dining.  If you are looking for a majestic way to walk down the aisle, an open structure with flowy fabric is an easy way to bring on the wow-factor with the first thing your guests will see.

A full structure will allow you to play with lighting and create a space that is truly show stopping.  Bistro lights or paper lanterns inside of the tent is a sure way to make an outdoor space feel romantic.

Thankfully the trusty staff over at Zephyr Tents make this possible for us to transfer our design ideas into a reality, consistently offering a beautiful (and sturdy) way to transform and enclose a space to create some of our most beautiful events!

Wedding Design: Alicia K Designs | Tenting: Zephyr Tents

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