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An Iconic San Francsico Wedding

Royalty for a Day

What other historical landmark of San Francisco is more recognizable than The Palace of Fine Arts? Ok, so we have a great big, beautiful red bridge, and an exemplary City Hall...but other than that I'm sure any tourist will tell you that The Palace of Fine Arts is on the top of the list of sites to check out and take a lovely photo in front of it's gorgeous architecture.  Newly engaged couples often have hesitations when looking at a venue that is so public and so exposed, but as you can see from the photographs, not only is this iconic location going to provide you with killer photos, how many ladies and gentlemen get to be ROYALTY for the day?!

We've selected a few photographs from an absolutely breathtaking San Francisco wedding this season to share a bit of what iconic San Francisco has to offer - enjoy!

Alicia K Designs knows that every wedding has a great team behind it. We'd like to thank the following vendors for making this wedding such a great celebration:

Venue: Palace of fine Arts/ Coordination: Alicia K Designs/ Florist: Alicia K Designs/ Photography: Chrisman Studio


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