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Real Wedding Jessica & Roux

Alicia K Designs Love Letters...


Which teenage girl has not seen the following Hallmark Family Movie at least a dozen times? The Beautiful American girl on holiday in Europe meets the dashing young French man. They fall in love, star-crossed lovers and all that wonderful sappy Hollywood sort of stuff.  Yeah, yeah... But that never really happens, right? Or does it?

Our featured couple today is Jessica Baldwin & Clement Roux.  They have an amazing love story; the kind after school specials are made of.  Their courtship was often fettered by miles of oceans and continents between them, so as their courtship ensued, Roux would embark on a writing campaign called A Letter a Day!

So when you check out this incredible Real Wedding design, if it seems to be pulled out of a story book and spun together with the romance that fairy tales are made of, well we have to thank our groom Roux for providing us with the best inspiration ever: good old fashioned, heartfelt Love Letters . 

We love telling the couple's story through creative design, as their love story was an inspiring one for all of us at Alicia K Designs.  We wanted the guests to feel transported to simpler times; to have the opportunity to share in the couple's romance and to spend a day with them in the most romantic city in the world: Paris.  We incorporated design elements inspired from a Parisian flea market.  Some elements were very simple and chic and other elements were customized and took a bit of more creativity and sweat to accomplish.  To elaborate further:


Sabine SchererSabine SchererSweet Chateau St. Jean is an incredible backdrop for any occasion, but particularly fitting for the theme and elements of this celebration, as the ceremony details were constructed out of a set of french doors, opening out into the vineyards.  As the guests breathed in this heart-stirring scene, it was as if it were a movie set. You could just imagine Jessica, looking out the french doors day dreaming of the next time they would be together.   A painter's easel and acrylic paints, a vintage typewriter and a video station were just a few lovely details which allowed guests to leave greetings and good wishes for the couple.  The floral color palette was  a combination of lilac, lavender, and a rich Bordeaux.  The arrangements we're feminine and unencumbered, as if the bride had picked them up at a Parisian flower vendor she passed by on her way to the celebration.  The tables were adorned with a collection of french "Flea market" finds such as antique books wrapped in burlap and bound with string, perfume jars filled with flowers, mercury glass votives and simple silver vases.  But I must say the "Cour a la Creme" was the Photobooth station.  We constructed an oversized "french post card" so the guests could join in the fun.  Each guest put themselves in the "center" photo spot and took their picture and then sent the couple the card.  Brilliant, if we do say so ourselves!

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