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Photo Booth Fun

The photo booth craze has certainly hit weddings and events the past few years, and why wouldn’t it? Photo Booths are a fun way for all of your guests to interact and they're a hit with the kids and grandparents. Almost all photo booth companies provide fun props for you to use so you can dress up as your favorite cowboy or clown, or even a cowboy-clown! (I’m a big fan of mixing and matching). Here at the AK Clubhouse we are photo booth lovers and even have our refrigerator full of photo booth photos as mementos of past events.  That being said, since there are so many types of photo booths, how do you know what is best for you? I’ve outlined a few of the most popular types, though I can safely say after trying my fair share of booths, they are always fun, and always a hit!

The Open-Air Photo Booth:

 Like the name suggests, this photo “booth” does not have any walls and functions as if you were taking photos in a studio. Almost all open- air booths allow you to choose the backdrop you’d like your photos to have and most will have fun and lively choices.

Pros: Can fit more people per photos and not claustrophobic. More room to move/make crazy poses.

Cons: Can take up more space than a normal photo booth and may not be ideal for events already tight on space. Also, the bright flash may prove to be distracting for guests not participating in the photo booth.


Photo by: Laughing Tulips 


Closed Photo booths

Typically what comes to mind when you think of “photo booth”. It is a four-walled booth with room to fit 3-4 people (you can squeeze more, but it gets tight!) They are great if you prefer the traditional look and feel of a photo booth.

Pros: More traditional look and feel of a photo booth. Great option if you are pressed for space.

Cons: Cannot fit as many people in a photo, seated poses only.


Photo booths  from: San Francisco Photobooth 

Despite which booth you choose, you won't regret it. Many of our couples and guests often gush about how having a photo booth was one of their favorite parts of the evening.  Most photo booths print a 3-4 photo strip immediately, which also serves as a favor you know your guests won’t throw away! You can also arrange with your photo booth company to customize the photo strip with your names and wedding date - It’s a fun touch.

Happy Photo-boothing! You know we will be :)


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