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In Honor of Engagement Season

As engagement season is in full swing (there is such a thing!) we would like to inspire the newly engaged couples to a fun engagement photo shoot featuring one of our very own couples.

 Laura and Jason are getting married at the Gorgeous Campovida in October 2014 and took their engagement photos in and around the Ferry Building in San Francisco by the lovely Sylvie Gil .  The two met on Christmas Eve in 2010 (just over three years now!) at the Wayfare Tavern where Jason was her server. After flirting all meal, Laura’s girlfriend left Laura’s number on the check before they left and Jason texted her within two hours. After sharing drinks and dinner a few weeks later, the two realized that they had found something special in one another and haven't looked back since. In honor of their Christmas meeting and engagement, we found it fitting to share their photos with you around the same period!

Here are a few of our favorite photos from the day:




And some fun Q&A from the couple themselves!

1. Your photos turned out So lovely! What was your favorite part of the day? -

Definitely enjoying oysters and bubbles at Hog Island at the SF Ferry Building. We love how those photos turned out and I think it's because we were the most relaxed and just honestly enjoying being together and doing something that we love. They're also the most "us" out of all of the pictures from the day.

 2. What inspired you to take your photos at the SF Pier/Ferry Building?

 The Ferry Building encompasses so much of what we both love about this city - local merchants selling amazing food and drinks with a gorgeous view of the Bay. Also, one of our first dates involved eating Hog Island oysters (for breakfast at 11am) at the Saturday Farmers' Market out back. We try to make it over there as often as we can.

 3.  What are some fun tips you can provide for future brides preparing for their own engagement photos?

 Plan ahead, but then go with the flow. I spent so much time in advance laying out each outfit and perfecting accompanying accessories. The day of, I was so distracted that I ended up forgetting half the stuff I brought, but I realized in the end that simple was better anyway.

 4. If you were to describe your relationship in 3 words, what would they be?

Supportive, Playful, Friendship

 5. Are you excited for your Big Day? (We are!)

Heck ya! We're coming up on our one-year anniversary of being engaged (how did that happen?!) and are only getting more and more excited to share the beautiful experience of Campovida with all of our loved ones.


Location: SF Ferry Building and Pier

Photographer: Sylvie Gil Photography

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