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Holiday Wedding Decor

A Seasonal Celebration

Winter weddings give designers an entirley new way to look at a wedding celebration. Holiday wedding decor can be elegant and understated- the decor doesn't need to look like Santa and his elves have arrived. Instead, winter opens up a new path to creativity--the beautiful, natural pieces that the season provides are fresh, understated, warm, and fragrant in the best way possible. Unlike other holidays which often times are considered to be too "theme-y" to be considered mainstream decor, Winter provides us with an amazing opportuity to use nature's bounty. The scent of narcissus and sugar pine doubled with bright berry, red, and silver tones act as a perfect opportunity to create a cozy, inviting environment for any event. Because of the weather, seasonal weddings tend to be a indoor celebrations, and often times these indoor locations and venues already provide seasonal decor, so augmenting their current design is considered to be a great and economical way to design your celebration.

Here are a few incredible ideas that Alicia K Designs feels would easily translate into larger scale holiday decor for your celebration:

1. The tablescape looks rustic and elegant all at once, creating chargers out of redwood rounds sets the tone, and gives a warm feeling without being overly seasonal. An elegant table runner created from a collection of holiday greens, candles and pinecones this look looks amazing on this rustic farm table. However, if you are looking to create a more formal look, consider using a white textured linen. 2. The bride's headpiece and fur (or faux-fur!) wrap is wonderful to add a touch of winter to an overall look--and keep you warm at the same time! 3. We love these sweet mittens filled with winter greens and branches. 3. Simple and rustic is a way to describe the white-washed wood boxes filled with greens, pine cones, and finished with snow flocking.  A collection of these down the center of a table can create a great tablescape.  Or, use a patina urn or copper container to create alter pieces in your ceremony using this floral recipe.  4. The apothecary jars have found their way into weddings across the nation year round, from table centerpieces to candy bars and beyond-  this fun and interesting look is so simple yet elegant and versatile.  The jars, filled with faux snow, evergreen, and fairy lights, give a bit of sparkle and festivity. The jars look incredible as the backdrop of a bar, or filled with holiday candy to bring some sweetness to your guests. 6. As a coffee table centerpiece alternative, fill a tray with candles, pinecones, and evergreen. 7. Perfect for peripheral tables, adding flocking to pine cones with a festive ribbon on a Weck jar is a great way to brighten up any cocktail table or bar. 8. We love DIY projects, so this piece of birch with tea light holders is the perfect way to create an economical centerpiece for your holiday event. 9. Winter events seem to go hand in hand with candles, warmth and light, so these votives and candle holders are not only holiday themed, they are a great way to incorporate those boxes and boxes of mason jars we bought this summer!

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