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Helpful Hints: Walkthroughs

January is proving to be one busy month for Team AKD! As we dive into 2014 we are in the midst of scheduling and attending walkthroughs for our upcoming events. You may be asking, what is a walkthrough exactly? A walkthrough is when you visit your venue to go over everything that will go on at your wedding. It's a chance to familiarize yourself with the logistics of the venue and see the space from a designers perspective; an opportunity to envision how you’d like to space to look on the big day. This will also give you a chance to discuss with the venue's coordinator what works best and what is allowed on the property.

There are many details to think about when you schedule a walkthrough - we always recommend you have a list, especially if you are unfamiliar with the space.

We have compiled a walkthrough list for you to help break the ice!

-  Restrooms: Where they are located in relation to where your event is taking place? If the venue doesn't include restrooms, or if it is significant walk for your guests, you may need to rent porta-potties. They have come a long way from the blue stalls you avoid at concerts! Now, more luxurious options are available that are just as nice as an actual guest restroom.

-  Layout: Review with your coordinator where all the vendors will set up their stations and where everything will go. For example, place settings table, gifts and guest book tables, beverage stations, cocktail lounge and dining.

-  Vendor Load In/Load Out Areas: Where are your vendors allowed to set up, load in and load out?

-  Electrical Locations & Power Needs: Where are the outlets located? Do you need a generator to power your DJ, Photobooth, caterers, band, etc? This will determine where things can be set up. 

-  Lighting: Will you need to bring in more lighting when it gets darker in the evening? (More relevant for outdoor weddings)

-  Parking/ Entrance to the venue: Is there ample parking for guests if they choose to drive? Do you need to arrange for guest shuttles?

-  Sun Location: You need to know which direction the sun will be facing during the day - will you need to provide umbrella’s/parasols for guests?

-  Catering: If a kitchen is not connected to the venue, will you need to provide equipment for your caterers? 

-  Access to venue: What time can you arrive to the site to set up? What time do you need to be broken down?

We hope this list eases the intimidation that some may feel during their first walkthrough. And remember to ask questions if you get confused!


Happy Walking and Good Luck! :)



As always,  you can find and share extraordinary design ideas at our blog:

Feel free to look us up for any questions regarding event design and coordination – we are here to help!

Photo Credit - Venue: Kunde Estates | Photography: Lisa Lefkowitz 


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