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Halloween Decorations





Trick or Treat

Ghosts, Goblins and Great Design... Oh my!

Being a wedding planner definitely has its perks and one of my favorites is looking for inspiration.  Halloween decor has grown up in the past few years-and our inspiration board proves it.  Today's inspiration features enchanting design that puts away the witches, broomsticks and zombies for a more stylized and refined look.

Check out the front porch design, it is oozing warmth and rustic charm.  The designer did not try and mask or hide the stately architecture of the home; rather they filled it with interesting artifacts that draw you in for a closer look. In contrast, the modern monochrome design pairing modern white chairs, a black slab table and a collection of whimsically painted "WICKED" pumpkins on top is soooo simple, yet look at the statement it makes!

At Alicia K Designs, we are big on Halloween. It is one of our favorite days of the year and Mrs. Alicia Falango herself goes all out when it comes to decorating for this spooky holiday. But of course, we always do it in style! You don’t need literal decor for any event or holiday, and Halloween decorations are no exception.

These images captured from all over the Internet are great examples of how to incorporate personal style into a totally "bewitching" Halloween design. Hope this gives you inspiration for your Halloween decor before it comes this Friday!  :)


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