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Escort Card Ideas ~ Wedding Wednesday

It's Pinteresting ~ Escort Card Ideas

Escort Cards, Place Cards, Seating Cards- what's the difference?  It's all very confusing and the terms seem to be interchangeable as you read and peruse the various international weddings blogs and publications.  So here is our very loose interpretation of the Emily Post's guidelines in hopes that we can help to demystify this question for any brides-to-be struggling with this question.

Escort Card - The Escort card is to be used as a directional aid.  It literally is supposed to escort your guest to their seat.  According to tradition, the escort card should be placed outside of the dining room and it should include the guests first name, last name, and clearly indicate which table they will be seated and meal choice if applicable.

Place Card (or Seating Card)- The Place Card is used to indicate the exact seat a guest should take once they have found their assigned table and meal choice if applicable.

If you are planning on giving a strict nod to tradition then Ms. Emily Post would tell you to have both; however today's more modern bride may opt for a more practical or even whimsical options.


As you know, Pinterest is a planner's best friend.  The assembly of elegant, charming, bubbly and sweet ideas for presenting your escort/place/seating cards (shown above) is just one more reason to love it.

1.) A single piece of white washed drift wood is a charming anchor for a Nautical themed celebration. 2.) The Fizz is where it is- the bright colors of IZZY soda have made them a wonderful addition to the wedding schwag bag. Their bright colors can be tied into a color theme or used as your toasting beverage. 3.) The melt-in-your-mouth addition of traditional French Macaroons will be a hit with your guests and they can be purchased in almost any color.  Don't be surprised if they don't make it past the champagne toast. 4.) Ensure every guest has a chance to add a bit of sparkle to your party by attaching a selection of farewell sparklers to their escort cards.  5.) Everyone knows escort cards are to be displayed in alphabetical order.  As someone who has laid out thousands of cards, I have found that Monogramed Collins displaying a collection of "escort cards" created from swizzle sticks are brilliant and a huge time saver. 6.) Calligraphy and chalk boards are a great alternative to individual cards. They are available in a variety of colors that artists can easily match your motif and color palette whether it is modern vintage or completely retro.  7.)  The wire bird cage is a great display item and color coordinated feathered folly bring a pop of color to table.  8.) Embrace nature by wrapping your arms and your escort cards around the base of a tree.  9.) There are 101 uses for a mason jar and when you expend that to your wedding, the list gets longer. The mason jar can be used as the vessel for your escort card and gives your guest endless uses.  10.) The key to happiness can be found mounted on a vintage door and these creative items are great additions to your vintage or travel themed wedding.  11.)  Elements, like birch tree bark, can add a touch of natural elegance to your display.  It's simple, creative and can be combined with your escort cards in a variety of ways.

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