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Don't Forget About Your Wedding Ceremony!

Express Yourself



Many couples spend hours thinking of the perfect centerpiece, ideal flowers, and perfect lighting but they leave the details of the wedding ceremony to the last minute.  The Ceremony is the first scene your guests will see and it is the sole reason your friends and family have gathered together in one space. So why not give this right of passage the time, honor, and thought it deserves and use this ritual as an opportunity to express yourself? From the location you choose right down to each guest's chair, the ceremony layout and decor says a lot about you. Here are a few suggestions:

Let's talk about chairs- the traditional White Wooden Crossback chair is definitely still a mainstay, but there are so many other options to give your ceremony a unique touch, and a chance to let your taste in design shine. In a similar price point  you can display wrought iron garden chairs, folding bamboo chairs or a white folding garden chair, or a combination of all three! At Alicia K Designs, we love eclectic ceremonies, and mixing up your chairs is the perfect way to do so.  If the chairs are already provided for you and the budget does not allow replacing them, consider embellishment.  Adding a bit of pizazz with flowers, a sash or the burlap bags (as pictured above) stating a message like "LOVE" completely transforms the entire space.  Brides who have a more hearty budget can make a statement and move off the traditional path.  Ghost chairs provide a chic and modern effect both indoors and outdoors.  They have a very contemporary feel, are extremely comfortable, and they don't overshadow other parts of your design, as they are an understated element of a great design. If you are looking for a more rustic or vintage-chic feel, consider the concept of creating an outdoor vignette for your ceremony like the sectional ottomans, split logs, Victoria side chairs, and recycled church pews all which add an incredible and unique touch to an outdoor vignette.

Just like a movie set, your nuptials deserve to stand out and have a great back drop.  Any beach wedding usually gets a stamp of approval from your guests, but look how this couple took a " shady" spot and turned it into a living canopy for the celebration, as displayed in the first photograph of the vignette.  Their guests find respite from the mid-day sun--especially during the warm months of wedding season-- by the shade of the tree with a view of a crystal chandelier and and wispy flowing fabric hanging on an elegant, ancient tree. Some couples want to maximize the great view they have selected, and what better way than to create a warm and inviting scene for the ceremony.  Nobody likes to hang out in stiff chairs that are placed too close together, but give then a place to lounge around and you have captured their attention.

If your ceremony location is not blessed with a wondrous view or the sound of crashing waves, a bit of imagination will help you create a backdrop that can be show stopping in any location.  Transforming environments that are otherwise mundane into something beautiful and alluring are some of our favorite challenges as designers. Fun and flirtatious is the best way to describe the rustic veranda adorned with a curtain of brightly colored fabrics (pictured above). Wind is inevitable at any outdoor celebration, so we recommend that you don't fight it, work with it! Using flowy fabrics, strung flowers, or hanging votives will enhance the movement of your altar, creating a picturesque display. This charming backdrop gives this ceremony color and flow within a very modest budget range.  There are so many great ways to make your ceremony stand out and be remembered- don't leave it to the last minute! Alicia K Designs can help create a unique, custom design for your ceremony that captures your design aesthetic and adds that extra special touch to your wedding.

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