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DIY Wedding Crafting

Since we (Alicia K Designs) are planners as well as designers, we LOVE being creative whenever we get the opportunity! When bride's have wild and crazy ideas for their wedding decor, we are all for it. We will do whatever it takes to try and re-create their vision. One of our favorite DIY projects are creating paper flowers of all shapes and sizes. If done correctly, they can look just as gorgeous as a real flowers. In fact, we have a paper flower wall in our office! Check it out ;) flower wall copy

Paper flowers can be a fun touch for your ceremony backdrop, sweet heart table backdrop, placed in vases on peripheral tables, or really anywhere! Here is one of our favorite techniques by the one & only Martha recreating my (Jessica) favorite flower- the Peony!!

Here is what you need (I know it sounds like a lot but don't let it scare you!):

20-pound recycled paper (20 sheets) Blender Silpat Cookie sheet Sponge Rolling pin Paper Peonies templateDownload the PDF Acrylic paint (magenta and green) Paintbrush Acrylic varnish Pearlizing medium Plastic bag Thin paper Scissors Glue gun Cable wire Floral tape

Then here are the steps:


STEP 1 Rip 20 sheets of 20-pound recycled paper into strips.

STEP 2 Boil ripped paper in 5 quarts water; let cool.

STEP 3 In a blender, pulse to reduce to a paper pulp.

STEP 4 Place 3 cups pulp onto Silpat-lined cookie sheet; spread out.

STEP 5 Use sponge to soak up excess water. Let dry for a couple of hours.

STEP 6 Flatten with rolling pin. Let dry for one day.

STEP 7 Download and print template.

STEP 8 Cut 50 petals for each peony: 10 small, 20 medium, and 20 large.

STEP 9 Cut 50 petals for each peony: 10 small, 20 medium, and 20 large.

STEP 10 Make mixture of 2 cups water, 1 teaspoon magenta acrylic paint, 1/3 cup acrylic varnish, and 1 teaspoon pearlizing medium.

STEP 11 Dip petals into paint mixture. Dry overnight on cookie sheets lined with a plastic bag.

STEP 12 Curl and wrinkle petal edges.

STEP 13 Make a pistil by cutting a 3/4-inch-by-8 1/2-inch strip of thin paper. Fold lengthwise. On the fold, make 1/4 inch cuts, approximately every 1/4 inch. Roll to resemble a paper decoration for a "lamb chop" end. Secure with glue gun.

STEP 14 Make a 1/2-inch diameter wad of pulp with a point (shaped like an acorn); let dry.

STEP 15 Take dried wad and glue (using glue gun) to uncut end of "lamb chop," pointy side down. Flare ends.

STEP 16 Assemble a flower. Using a glue gun, glue five small petals overlapping, surrounding the wad. Glue another layer of small petals. Repeat process for medium, then large petals, working in layers, until you have a full peony.

STEP 17 For stems, use the glue gun to glue the end of a length of thick electric cable wire to the base of the flower and wrap, then wrap in floral tape. Paint stems green with acrylic paint.

And Wah-La!!! You have beautiful paper flowers :)


Love, Jessica

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