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Bouquets 101

Bouquets 101

With so many themes and styles to consider when beginning to design a wedding, it's important to narrow down a few of the details so that you are one step closer to creating an event that is uniquely you. The wedding planning and design resources on the internet can be overwhelming as there are endless places to feast your eyes! Think: The Knot, Style Me Pretty, and Pinterest

Are you the polished and classic couple? Or perhaps the free-spirited, bohemian-chic couple? There are bouquets customized to fit your personality as flowers are just one detail of your wedding that can allow you to use nature's beautiful bounty to show off who you are! As Ralph Waldo Emerson says, "Flowers... are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world." As a florist, I believe strongly that sharing vows are similar to this ray of beauty that Emerson speaks of. 

To get our bearings just a bit better when it comes to flowers, let's go over a few of the traditional bouquet styles and chat about a few of the contemporary styles as well!

Traditional Bouquets:

1. The Rounded Bouquet

For a classic, timeless, and polished look, the rounded bouquet is always a great choice.  Perfect for the couple who decides that the historic Bently, City Hall or Julia Morgan is the ideal location to hold a celebration.



2. The Nosegay

A compact, small bouquet of flowers is perfect for the couple who wants to provide an understated, delicate look. Perfect for bridesmaids, too!

3. The Cascade

A spilling over, waterfall-like bouquet that can really bring on the drama. A cascading bouquet is truly a showstopper!


4. The Miss America

Also known as the Pageant bouquet, this is the way to really bring out your inner Miss America. Though not as common as a rounded, nosegay, or cascading bouquet, there are still beautiful ways to incorporate this style of bouquet into the perfect wedding design.

5. The Pomander

A round ball of flowers attached and carried with a ribbon. Carried throughout centuries of history for several different reasons, they have found a happy home in the modern-day wedding. Typically carried by a flower girl, these decorative bouquets can also be hung from a shepherd's hook, ceiling, or adorn ceremony chairs.

Contemporary Bouquets:

1. The English Garden

When I first learned flowers, this style was described as garden-like and "in-and-out". Every flower is placed to show off its very own dutch painting, arranged effortlessly (....ha), and then placed in the bride's hands like it was just picked out of the garden. This generally insinuates the use of local and seasonal flowers.

3. The Composite

Creating the illusion of holding one giant flower, this bouquet is made very, very, very carefully by the hands of angel-florist-fairies themselves.

So there we have it! Now that we've gone over the different styles, you are able to pick and choose the style that fits your personality.  Sometimes this means fusing two or more of these styles together, but that's what this is all about; creating unique arrangements that are as original and beautiful as you.

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